Discover the hidden secret solution used by motor enthusiasts worldwide that keeps any vehicle, bike, or even boat looking pristine no matter what its age or condition!

A proprietary professional paint formulation that keeps your car looking like new and protected from rust, avoiding the need to fork out at expensive bills for body shop or home call out franchise options…

Dear fellow petrol-head,

One of the biggest issues many of us car fanatics face today is noticing your pride and joy has paintwork damage and is ultimately losing value from the road conditions inevitably flicking up stones and grit while you’re cruising around.

For many, owning a vehicle is not just a means of transport to get from A to B, it’s so much more. You may find yourself talking for hours with your mates about automobiles and never getting tired of it.

After all, being immensely fond of your car or motorbike and their counterparts entices you to join a whole community of likeminded passionate and diverse drivers who regularly share their stories, builds and photos which spark ideas to give you something new to work towards.

But there’s nothing more frustrating than showing off your prized motor while out for a spin at the weekend, only to have your chipped bonnet paintwork pointed out by passersby, making what you thought was a 10/10 car turn into a mere 5/10…

Maybe you’re a bit of a perfectionist like us and have often spent hours giving your vehicle the full TLC treatment… we’re talking wash, wax, polish, internal and external detailing… the full works!

But it’s just not enough to reverse the adverse effects the weather brings…

…with stones and grit harming your paintwork causing chips and scratches that could act as a catalyst for rust if any remaining residue reacts with the metal.

Not only that, but if you’re unlucky enough to get knocked by careless passers-by scraping your paintwork with their bags or keys while parked up, it leaves you feeling like your bloods at the point of boiling as you realise your much-loved auto is spoilt!

Maybe you’re a bit of a perfectionist like us and have often spent hours giving your vehicle the full TLC treatment… we’re talking wash, wax, polish, internal and external detailing… the full works!

Perhaps you’ve tried a corrector pen to touch up the marks and got “so-so” results from a poorly-matched colour and excess blobs that linger long after…

Or maybe you’ve begrudgingly paid for hefty body shop bills and often superficial garage repair work that has left you out of pocket and out of transport for lengthy time periods.

Yet the chips keep on coming and you can’t afford to keep up with this inconvenience!

I suspect you’re now thinking, how else can I eliminate paint chips and scratches?

Which is why I want to introduce you to a new proven professional paint formulation that keeps your automobile free from paint chips and looking like new again, all from the comfort of your own home – or in fact any location you wish!

Dr Colour Chip’s DIY paint chip repair kit is fast, safe and easy to apply.

A major breakthrough for motor lovers…

Dr Colour Chip offers professional results and a guaranteed exact 100% OEM match to your vehicle’s colour and finish!

Secure the best paint chip repair system today:

  • The worlds #1 paint chip repair solution
  • Treats stone and grit chips, and minor scratches
  • No blobs or blisters from other touch up options
  • Ideal for all cars, motor bikes, and even boats
  • Gets your vehicle looking pristine again and can help improve resale value
  • No need to finish with a clear coat lacquer – one treatment process and solution
  • Our proprietary secret paint formulation stays in the chip and will not wash out

So let me assure you it works!

Not only can you touch up existing damage in a fraction of the time it takes using standard factory touch up paint or pens, you’ll be investing in far better results, keeping your prized motor looking newer for longer!


  • The paint is dabbed on with a brush across the chip.
  • It may be reapplied as needed until it appears to adequately cover the chip.


  • Lightly smear with your thumb to smooth the paint flat and flush across the chip.
  • If smeared properly, the paint will be dry to the touch within a minute.
  • For road rash, the paint may be applied to a T-shirt rag, then smeared across the panel to quickly address hundreds of tiny chips at once.


  • The excess paint is then removed using our blending solution.
  • The solution is applied to a soft, folded T-shirt rag and lightly rubbed over the excess paint.
  • The paint will begin blending away after a few passes with the cloth.
  • A soft terry cloth or microfiber towel is then used to buff off the residual solution to an amazing shine.